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P4090371 - low resARIA DI FOLLIA is a baroque quartet composed by Paolo Rossetti Murittu (percussions), Theresia Bothe (voice), Luigi Polsini (viol), Simone Colavecchi (baroque guitar, theorbo). These four unique and exceptional musicians are involved in many important projects of the Early Music scene in Italy, France, Germany and Switzerland.
They are specialists also for their multifaceted experiences in the musical field and in their civil and social commitment. Since the first time they met, the group found affinity and cohesion, which provided the ensemble immediately with character and a lively personality. 
The choice of the name represents the richness and variety of contrast, which characterizes the performing style and the repertoire of the group: going from subtle sweetness to intense desperation, embracing the wide emotional spectrum the human genius can set to music. The dynamics range from the pianissimo of a sigh to a forte full of passion or grieve. Agogics move from frantic and precise to the long time period of intense breathing.
Mediterranean dialogue in Baroque
This program is focussing in Italian, Sefardi and France Baroque repertoires and have finality to give accent in  the  influences between the different style and approach of Baroque repertoires  in the Mediterraneo area. 

Follia d’amore
Italian Popular Baroque Repertoire









P4090371 - low res

Aria Di Follia

Passauer Neue Nachrichten, April 4th 2017

Grand finale of “Passauer Saiten”
“A fire of joy of life and sensuality!


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Debut recording of ‘Aria di follia': yo soy la locura (Continuo Records)


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